Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final Connection

I finally told my dad. I had been putting it off and putting it off but I knew I couldn't postpone it any longer. In my dad's typical fashion, he got angry first. He was upset I hadn't told him sooner. I pointed out to him that I tried to tell him sooner but he was refusing my phone calls and calling me names all because of a very petty reason. He admitted that he'd been a jerk to me. I love my dad dearly but he's always had his jerk moments. I've never heard him admit to one before though. That blew me away. Then dad started to get emotional. He hates to show emotions or any vulnerability so he tried to hide it. But, even through the phone, two states away, I could tell he was getting choked up. I'm his baby girl. I'm his first born, will always be 5 years old in his eyes, baby girl. And now his baby girl may be dying.

I'm really glad to have gotten everything out in the open. However, that was definitely one of the hardest phone calls in my entire life.

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